Back and much Improved since Last post

It has been a year since my last post and a lot has changed.  I ran my marathon in May like I had planned although it was very slow and kind of embarrassing but I was glad to have done it.  I haven’t worked nearly as hard as I should have but physically I have improved drastically.  I have lost 70 pounds since I started trying to lose weight and feel better about myself than I have in years.  I have put on a decent amount of muscle and just feel more comfortable about the body I am in.  I can thank my current job mainly for the weight loss and the muscle gain but it seems I have hit a plateau.  I will start P90X today so that the weight lost and muscle gain can continue and maybe even improve  exponentially.  I am really excited to have gone from 264 to 194 but I am still far from where I want to be. Every day activities are so much easier now and I know they will only get easier the more fit I get.  There is a half marathon in March that I am hoping to be competitive in, it is too close to improve enough to win I would guess but who knows.  There will be plenty of more races and I am pretty sure I can pull off at least one win before 2015 is over.  Getting in better shape is so much easier when you are already in okay shape.  I have a feeling 2015 will be the best year of my running life and maybe my life period.


I took several days off of running in hopes that it would alleviate the IT Band Syndrome, it seems to have worked.  I have not had any pain in the side of my knee for a couple of days now.  I think I will get out for a run today and see how far my legs feel like going.  I started a new job that has me on the move constantly and always lifting things (often heavy).  I am excited for this new job and I have lost more weight even though I haven’t been able to run.  If the pain comes back I guess I will just stay away from the long runs and deal with the pain on the short ones.  I had quit doing P90X because my running workouts had left me worn out but I will try my luck on them again.  I suppose it was not a good idea that I usually made it so the workouts were back to back.  I think I will run in the morning before work and then do P90X after work.

P.S.  I may get rid of my internet so my posts may get few and far between.

Refreshed and Healthy?

IT Band Syndrome

I took a break from running the past two days as I have had a lot of knee pain.  I was curious as to why all the pain was on the side of the knee and after some research I have discovered I have IT Band Syndrome.  The annoying thing about this is there is very little that can be done for it even rest might not make it better.  From all the information I read the only thing I can do is hope it gets better and get new shoes which I can’t afford to buy any time soon.  There is a positive note though as long as I am willing to run through the pain there is no reason to believe any permanent damage will be caused.  That means I will be back to the running tomorrow, what aspiring runner can’t deal with some pain now and then.  The only thing that really bugs me about it is that it seems to be slowing me down a bit.  I have heard that on occasion the pain just goes away if one toughs it out so that is what I will do.  It will take a lot more than this to keep me from running my marathon in May.

Day After Long Run

It is amazing how much can change in a week.  After last week’s long run I could barely even move the next day and didn’t even do a run.  Yesterday I ran more than I did last Sunday but I still managed to get out and ran 3.4 miles today.  I can’t say it felt great but I got it done.  My legs though a little achy feel so much better than they did last Sunday.  My legs actually feel a little better than they did before I went on my run.  My knees are slowly adjusting to the pounding and losing a few pounds probably didn’t hurt either.

Endomondo Running Workout.

Sunday Long Run

I have to admit that I was not able to run 9 miles like I wanted to today.  We had some pretty strong winds and rain today.  I started running with little concern for the weather because well, I need to run.  I was going along pretty smoothly not too concerned with the rain or the wind although the workout did seem a bit harder.  I got over 7 miles and the rain and wind started getting harder and there is a tornado warning.  I check my phone to see my distance and I have 7.81 mile I run around a cul de sac several times to get my distance to 8 miles.  I look at my phone wondering if I am close to 8 yet and my gps signal had disappeared, so I hadn’t gotten but .5 mile more so I kept running waiting for the signal to work and ran down the road and back avoiding potential injury due to inclement weather.  I guess it is best to be safe but the annoying thing is there was barely a storm a few lightning strikes.  I picked one of the worst days to try and run 9 miles that wind and rain really wore me out,  I could have gotten another mile if it were not for the weather but it sure would have been unpleasant.  I wasn’t even running two weeks ago so I guess I will be happy with that and go for 10 miles next Sunday.

Endomondo Running Workout.

The Addiction to the Long Run

After only running 7+ miles just once now I already find myself longing for Sunday when I get to do it again, this time with some light.  Intervals, fartleks and 1.5 to 5 mile runs are nice and necessary but the long run reigns supreme for me.  I find myself longing for Sunday for something other than the Walking Dead.  The desire to move through nature feeling like I could go forever taking in all the sounds and smells not worrying about anything for a couple hours.  The pain and exhaustion supplanted by the joy of feeling free and the knowledge that I am improving myself in so many ways.  I can only imagine how amazing it will feel when the distance and time running are even longer.  I have a training plan I have been following on my phone that has me running 7.3 miles on Sundays, which is a lot more than I thought I could have done.  Back in high school there were a couple of times where I ran 8 miles and that is the longest distance I have ever ran.  I don’t like my longest distance being such a long time ago so on Sunday I will add 1.7  miles to my scheduled run making my longest run ever 9 miles.  If I feel so good as I do right now the following Sunday I will run my first double digit run at 10 miles.  One week of running is probably nothing to some people but it has changed so much for me mentally and even already physically.  I love running!